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“A salon depends on the skill of its hairdressers and beauticians. Maintaining and updating skills is important to stay abreast of new hairstyles and beauty treatments.”

IBIS world industry report s9511 Hairdressing and Beauty Services in Australia. (pg 17)


Clippering 101

$485         Up to 3 learners

A 3 hour session that includes expert training in the following techniques: 

  • Effective bulk removal
  • Blending
  • Tapering
  • Outlining
  • Refining haircuts with clippers
  • Short graduation
  • Clipper over comb
  • Beard design and trim

The Crew Cut 101

$365        Up to 3 learners

A 2 hour session that will cover the often overlooked haircut that underpins a number of clipper techniques.

  • Correctly using attachments
  • Transitioning within crew cuts
  • Dealing with differing growth patterns
  • Effective techniques when encountering different densities
  • High,  medium and low tapering

Scissor Over Comb Technique

$385        Up to 3 learners

A 2 hour session for the intermediate to advanced hairdresser that seeks to excel in this technique that is so versatile within our careers.

The  Side Part 101

$435            Up to 3 learners

A 3 hour session that will include expert training in the following:

  • Planning and partings for all variations of the side part
  • Implementation of plan, partings and all techniques
  • Multitude of refining options that will differentiate and enhance the side part
  • Styling options to pass on to clients

 Cut Throat 101

$495            Up to 3 learners

A 3 hour workshop including expert training in the following techniques:

  • Preparing client for cut throat service
  • WPH&S requirements
  • Head shaving techniques
  • Face shaving techniques
  • Neck shaving techniques
  • Post shaving procedures
  • Post course training methods

Salon Tailored Courses


Contact ABC Barber and together lets create a training package that best suits your individual salon training requirements.